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2-Person Infrared Sauna w/ Carbon Heaters

2-Person Infrared Sauna w/ Carbon Heaters 2-Person Infrared Sauna w/ Carbon Heaters 2-Person Infrared Sauna w/ Carbon Heaters

The Palermo 2 Person Infrared Sauna is perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating and will fit in virtually any room in the house. The natural Hemlock wood color will enhance any decor. Our exclusive InfraWave FAR heat technology heaters emit ultra low levels of EMF, making them safe and beneficial to your health. Its EZ touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels allow for easy temperature control. Palermo is available in Ceramic or Carbon InfraWave FAR heater options and is loaded with tons of extras, including towel hooks & magazine racks, CD player with mp3 plug-in, 2 speakers, backrests, 7 color CHROMOTHERAPY light and an oxygen ionizer.

Palermo is perfect for basking in the warmth with your special someone - add one to your home today! This HeatWave Sauna is made of premium grade solid Hemlock wood and constructed with tongue & groove joinery for superior edge to edge strength and durability. The exterior of the sauna is seal coated with an appealing, natural color; the interior is smooth sanded natural wood.

6 CARBON HEATERS - other inferior sauna brands have only 5 heaters or less. More heaters means your HeatWave Infrared Sauna is more effective!

LOCATION - The Palermo Carbon Sauna has 2 carbon heaters on the back wall, 1 on each side wall, 1 on the front of the bench and 1 on the floor. These 6 carbon heaters evenly bask you in soothing infrared heat.

INFRARED WAVELENGTH - InfraWave FAR heaters put out infrared wavelengths from 5-12 microns, which are the portions of infrared heat that most benefit the human body.

EMF TESTED - Designed and test proven to emit extremely low levels of EMF, Provides hours of safe comfortable relaxation

OPERATING TEMPERATURE - HeatWave Saunas operate up to 141 degrees F.

OXYGEN IONIZER - releases O2 and negative ions, which help purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria in your sauna, keeping the air fresh and clean. The ionizer is an optional feature with many inferior sauna brands, but it's included in this HeatWave Sauna! A $49.95 value!

  • 6 Carbon Heaters
  • Made of premium grade solid Hemlock wood
  • "EZ Touch" dual Interior and Exterior LED Control panels
  • 7 color CHROMOTHERAPY system (bask in rotating colors, or choose a steady stream of one of the seven available colors)
  • Recessed interior & exterior lighting
  • Product measures approx 49"x39"x75"
  • Product weight: 319 lbs
  • 5-Year warranty on heaters, structure & electrical
  • 1-Year warranty on radio
  • Shipped insured
  • Brand new

Price: $1,335.00

Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days.

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